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Writes about LoR. Loves words, silly puns, and crunchy numbers -- if mixed, all the better! =)
Formerly expedition master, now building fun decks in constructed, making guides on Path of Champions and competing in tournaments. Creator of the unofficial rulebook and the Path decklists. Youtube channel (ConanssonLoR) and member of the team TKG.
Meta Analyst for Mastering Runeterra, and reluctant poetry writer.
Hi am Yun!🐙🐙I palay game.🎮It good game! smile smile🌞 😄😄ahah!! I eat my ocotpus🐙fanart😏🥵.GoodAtPoOpingEveryOtherDay💩.snow person from candare⛄snada🏂CANDA🥛!CANADA💦!!!Sorry cant spell hhhah😹!!COLOR PouPLE BEST COLOR🟪.Dab Shhhiiii😎dude😎
Feeshy. Very feeshy.
Another anonymous internet troll that thinks he's good at gaming.
Pirate lord, Bilgewater enthusiast.
I'm a deckbuilder, amateur musician and Med student based in Córdoba, Argentina. Always trying to find more creative expressions that allow me to think outside the box. Still learning to love God and love people.
Join our discord, write me poems! https://discord.gg/VNN5NmGhXY
I like playing LoR and reading about LoR. After I found RIWAN, though, I discovered I also like writing about LoR!
Husband, father, homeowner, civil engineer, land surveyor, card game enjoyer, and language arts enjoyer
Swimming between clouds of haze, vapor and glitch in colorful reason
Hi, I’m Nihilist, semi-competitive player with an unhealthy addiction to Noxian piles.
Tournament player who shares his love of the game with his community through his streaming, writing, and casting!