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i may be a lil late on that but what about trist/gnar?

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At quick glance, the "Tristana & Friends" archeytpe is still being refined (there are tons of different versions running around, and some of them quite different, like one list using only Noxian spells, the next using a different mix of Noxian-only spells, and the third a combination of Bandle & Noxian spells -- and also differences in their followers).

In that vein:

Gnar Tristana (and no other champ) does see a little bit of play,

Gnar Teemo Tristana (usually with 2x Gnar, 1x Teemo) sees a lot of play, and quite a bit of success! =)

Here's the best list I could find right now (2500+ games, sky-high winrate):


Teemo Trist (no Gnar) is more popular, but doesn't seem better (read: it's equally excellent)

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Curious about a deck?

Feel free to ask - we ain't got answers 'round here, but we do have numbers. Lots! =)

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